We are Skyetel
We are a VoIP carrier for awesome people

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We hail from Vancouver, WA, USA.

Not Vancouver, Canada. We see what you did there.


We were founded in June 2014

The same month that the 4th Transformers movie came out.

It was a pretty great movie.


We used to be called SkyeBlue

Then we found out that there is an adult film actress by that name who always came up first on Google. So we decided to change our name to Skyetel.

It was a good decision.


We are named after the Isle of Skye

Its a really pretty island off the coast of Scotland thats famous for its spectacular mountains and greenery. 

And Scotch.

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We have impossibly cute pets

Chris has Koukla the Beagle.
Michael has Malakai the Husky.
Kari has Maximus the Shepherd .
Josh has bunnies. Lots and lots of Bunnies.
Brian has Thufir and Sophie. (Brian's wife has Sophie really. He prefers Thufir)
Deon has cats.
Roman doesn't have any pets. He should though :)
Claude doesn't have any pets, either. Which is probably for the best.