Retail Pricing

These are our default rates that we offer to everyone. If you use more than 10k minutes per month, please call for a customized price list. 


$0.10 per number


$0.01 per minute
$0.0175 per minute
$0.004 per lookup

$0.012 per minute


$0.005 per message
$0.01 per message
$0.02 per message
$0.02 per message


$1.00 per activation
$1.00 per activation
$10.00 per number


Local Numbers
Toll Free Numbers
SMS Enable Number


Inbound Calls to Local Numbers
Inbound Calls to Toll Free Numbers
Inbound Caller ID Lookups

Outbound Calls to Local Numbers
Outbound Calls to Toll Free Numbers


Receive SMS Message
Send SMS Message
Receive MMS Message
Send MMS Message

One Time Charges

Phone Number Activation
Toll Free Activation
Port In Request

Reseller Pricing

We do not publish these rates, but we do offer generous pricing for resellers

The Skyetel Network was especially designed to cater to resellers. Please call or drop us a line to get a customized quote tailor fit to your needs. There are no volume requirements to qualify for reseller pricing - just that you are reselling our service to your customers.  

No Contracts & No Minimums

Skyetel does not have minimum spends or volume commitments. There are no contract terms, and you only pay for what you use. 

Support is always free

Attend a FusionPBX Class?

Skyetel proudly supports the open source project FusionPBX. If you attended one of their training classes, drop us a line and we'll give you some free Skyetel credit.